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Editing Promo Layouts with Forms

Collecting information from clients is always a valuable thing to do for your business - the promo page lets you install a simple form to let you do this!

To edit:

  1. In the editor click on Pages. 
  2. Scroll to the promo page and click on the layout button (brush icon). 
  3. Browse through the layout options and pick one with a form in it. 
  4. Then, click the blue Edit button in the Pages bar. 
  5. In the Promo window that appears, click the new Form Settings tab to open it. 
  6. Here, under Email receiver, you can add in up to 5 email addresses that you want form info to be sent to when people submit.
  7. You can also click the Custom Form toggle to activate the Custom Form.
  8. Then, click the Manage Custom Form button to use our form editor to create a custom form for your promo page.
  9. Click save once done.

You can also toggle on an auto-reply message to thank customers for submitting their information, and copy in scripts and codes on submission like Google Conversion, Facebook pixel, etc. The custom form can also be used to create diverse and interesting forms for your clients to submit their information.

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